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Home Baked Bread and Rolls, Made Simple! (III).

By Pam Severance - The Country Sunshine.

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Here are some hints for successful bread baking:

Do not use liquids that are too warm, using liquids that are above 130 degrees will kill the yeast in your dough. Liquid should feel very warm to the touch - not burning hot!

Yeast that is old will not rise, but yeast can be stored indefinitely in the freezer! When you buy it at the store, simply pop it in your freezer until you need it!

If you want a shiny, brown crust simply brush the crust of your dough with beaten egg whites before baking. Coating the crust with butter after baking produces a nice, soft, buttery flavored crust.

Not sure if your bread is done? Tap the crust-if it sounds hollow, it's done!

And last but not least, be sure that your pans are well greased to avoid sticking to the sides. Using a cooking spray such as Pam or Crisco spray works just fine!

There you go! Following the tips given, you should have a wonderful tray of home baked bread in less than 2 hours! I baked this bread recipe into rolls and entered them in our local county fair- won a blue ribbon! And if this member of the "X-Generation" can bake bread, you can too!

About the Author:

Pam is the publisher of the online home cooking magazine and cookbook, Cooking with The Country Sunshine. She is a full time farm wife, webmaster, and an editor for the Open Directory Project's Personal Recipe Collections site.

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