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Tips For Joining Writing Contests (I).

By Aileen Suquila-Santos.

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Contests are a great motivation for writing. And when you win, you even get that extra dose of confidence you need to keep going.

But before jumping in any which way and clicking impatiently on that submit form button, take a few moments to check some basic guidelines.

1)- Did You Follow the Rules? Read the rules twice or more before entering... and read them slowly.

It would be so easy to confuse less than 800 words with at least 800 words. But it would be very difficult to forgive yourself if you did.

2)- Is Your Entry Neat and Error Free? Proofread your entry yourself at least once on the screen. Then print out a copy and run through the text again. Finally, have someone else read your entry.

This 3-step process will usually eliminate all possible errors (but may not improve *really* bad writing).

3)- Is this the Most Original Idea You Have? When you read the guidelines for a contest the first time, entry ideas often readily present themselves. Write them down, but don't invest your energy in them just yet.

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