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Authenticating The Kachina Doll (IV).

By Patty Baldwin.

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If you purchase a contemporary Kachina that does not carry these identifiers, this is an indication of two distinct possibilities.

The first possibility is that you have a genuine artifact created before authentication became necessary. If this appears to be the case, we recommend you have the item appraised.

Genuine artifacts are difficult to find outside of museums. If you are ever approached to purchase such an item, it is recommended that you proceed with extreme caution.

These items are sacred to native americans and the purchase of an artifact may involve you in a fraudulent situation.

The second and more prevalent possibility, is that you have purchased a knock-off. Authentic Navajo Kachinas are not turned out in a factory. Each is a unique, hand crafted work of art representing the hozho of the individual artist.

Respect the hozho living within The Kachina Doll. Make certain you are buying from a reputable dealer.

Patty Baldwin (c) 2001

Patty Baldwin is a former Better Business Bureau executive and the owner of 4Bs Trading Company. A successful net marketer, she invites you to stop by and browse the store at:

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