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Compositional Inspiration (II).

By Will Landrum -

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If they can whistle your tune from memory after the song has ended, you've done you're job!

My new debut CD is loaded with this kind of composition. You can listen to some clips a .

Inspiration and ideas come to me in various ways.

1)- Just goofing around and discovering a cool riff by accident Always...Always...ALWAYS record your guitar playing! You'll be surprised at what gets recorded! When you review the tape after playing for a hour, listen carefully in two ways. Listen for obviously cool riffs and melodic patterns, and also listen for some bits and pieces that will sound great with some adjustment.

2)- Driving down the road (Radio off!) and experimenting with musical sequences in my head. This is where you may need to quit listening to other people's music for while to clear your thoughts.

This is actually a very powerful and effective way to compose. Your mind is totally free to explore any musical direction you want without being limited to what you know on guitar. The only difficulty for me has been remembering what I like. Once you get it right in your head, repeat it over and over so when you get back to your guitar, you can release it.

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