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Compositional Inspiration (III).

By Will Landrum -

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3)- Learning a new technique and applying it to a song. This has played a big role in my compositions. Learning a new technique will inspire you immediately. Once you get down the mechanics, you can build a song around it or just fit it into a song that needs that extra something.

For those of you who have my CD, (Thank you very much! :^) ) you can hear cool techniques throughout the disc. The first track Change Your Mind, begins with a right hand tapping technique that utilizes what I call mirror octaves. In Mainstay, I use 5th arpeggios before the solo section.

Instead of playing the 1st, 3rd and 5th of the arp, I omit the 3rd and just play 1's and 5's. Fill In The _____ is written entirely around a Cross String Tapping technique that enables large and fluent interval stretching.

4)- Learning a new scale or scale pattern This always gives you new ideas especially when you need to enhance your soloing. Understanding what scales go with what chords is vital. For a lesson on modal scales, visit .

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