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Compositional Inspiration (IV).

By Will Landrum -

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5)- Learning a new arpeggio After mastering sweep picking, you can employ endless twists to your standard arpeggios. Playing 7th, 9th, 11th and 13th arpeggios will open your sound up and give it a whole new flavor that is pleasantly surprising. Also alternating and mixing up the notes of the arps will give you great melodic ideas. Fullness Of Time is a good example of this concept.

6)- Learning music theory and applying it when you really get stuck. Once you understand music theory in general, you have the ability to solve any musical problem that you may have. If you need a new part to a song, but nothing comes to you by inspiration, (I seem to have this problem frequently!) you can solve it like a math problem using techniques such as modulation. (Changing from one key to another in a pleasant sounding way).

7)- Recording my ideas, sleeping on it and reviewing it fresh the next day.

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