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How To Find Foreign Writing Markets (I).

By Gary McLaren.
Copyright 2000 - 2003, Gary McLaren.

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Writing for foreign writing markets is a great way to increase your income as a freelance writer. The highest fee a writer receives for any article is often the fee paid by a publication for First Rights.

So there is a windfall to be received if you can successfully sell, for example, First North American Serial Rights and then go on to sell First British Serial Rights, First Australasian Serial Rights and others.

Some writers may be able to recall an occasion when a subsequent sale was even higher than the original 'first rights' sale, but in principle the theory will hold true. You will earn much more as a writer if you resell your articles, including 'first' rights, in different territories.

It is one thing to grasp this concept and another thing altogether to be able to find good quality, paying writing markets from around the world.

As editor of Worldwide Freelance Writer newsletter I am always hunting for new writing markets for our subscribers. In the course of this research I have discovered and can pass on to you, some particularly good web sites that list thousands of publications around the world.

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