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How To Find Foreign Writing Markets (V).

By Gary McLaren.
Copyright 2000 - 2003, Gary McLaren.

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Once you have determined that the publication seems to be a potential market for your work you will need to examine their Writer's Guidelines. If they have any, that is. Be forewarned.

When you start working with publications outside of North America and United Kingdom you will discover that many do not provide a formal set of 'Writer's Guidelines'.

Check first whether they have any on their web site and if not contact the editor by email. Politely ask whether they have a set of Writer's Guidelines and if not, do they ever work with freelance writers and what are they looking for.

While finding 'good-quality', well-paying international writing markets can be challenging, the financial returns and the prestige of being published internationally will justify the effort. And don't forget, after you have sold first rights around the world, its time to start marketing some reprints.

A final word of wisdom from someone who knows - well-known columnist Margaret Carlson - Best writing advice I've ever received: Sell everything three times.

Happy Writing!

Gary McLaren lives in Hong Kong and is editor of Worldwide Freelance Writer, a leading source of information on paying international markets for freelance writers. Visit this site on the web at

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