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Tigerist Or Talmudist: Which One Are You? (I).

By Terrence Koch.

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Only in his hometown and in his own house is a prophet without honor.

A well known Bible verse? Yes. But it is also the opening line of an article written for the Orlando Sentinel by sports columnist David Whitley (In the Name of the Tiger, Oct. 24, 2000, C2).

No, it is not an article in the Religion section. Instead, it is an opinion piece preceding golf phenomenon Tiger Woods' appearance in the National Car Rental Golf Classic that was held in Tiger's hometown of Orlando, Florida.

Throughout the article, Whitley compares Tiger's golfing prowess to the works of Jesus. Whitley's purpose in writing this article is to honor our prophet. In fact, Whitley suggests, calling [Woods] a prophet is short-changing him. Instead, Tiger has become a golfing deity.

Contemplating a theoretical foursome consisting of Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, and Tiger, Whitley puts his faith in Tiger as the one [he'd] want putting with [his] life on the line.

The reason? When was the last time any of the other guys made the PGA's top 30 money list, much less go their own Nike deals? If you have trouble spotting Tiger during the tournament, you can find him walking on the water hazard on No. 6. Finally, according to a mock scorecard printed along with the article, Tiger raises two people from the dead while shooting hole No. 8.

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