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Tigerist Or Talmudist: Which One Are You? (II).

By Terrence Koch.

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I want to stop right here for a moment before we all start chastising Whitley for writing a blasphemous article, or I get blamed for being too naļve. I understand Mr. Whitley is writing metaphorically. I don't believe Mr. Whitley thinks Tiger Woods is God.

I don't believe we're on the verge of creating the Church of Tiger. What is being discussed in Whitley's article is the uncanny ability of Tiger Woods to win golf championships, and to get his point across Whitley resorted to hyperbole, a perfectly acceptable literary device.

I do, however, have a point, and in order to make it I wish to travel back to the time period between 100 AD and 500 AD.

Specifically, I would like to examine the work of the Talmudists.

Talmudists were Jewish scribes who were responsible for copying the Old Testament during this time. These scribes took holy scripture extremely serious. They believed what they were copying were the words of God. The rules and regulations they followed reflect this.

First of all, before a scribe could even begin to start, he must have undergone special training and certification. Next, the tools he used had to meet strict requirements: parchment had to come from the skins of clean animals and prepared for use by a Jew; pages could only be fastened together with string made from clean animals; ink had to be black, not red, green or any other color, and made by following a particular recipe.

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