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Tigerist Or Talmudist: Which One Are You? (III).

By Terrence Koch.

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The scribe could not write a single letter from memory. They had to have an original copy open before him at all times and each word had to be pronounced out loud before he wrote it.

As the Talmudist wrote, each letter and word must be precisely spaced and legible, otherwise the entire scroll is discarded. To be sure that an invalidated scroll is not mistakenly used, they were burned.

Additionally, the Talmudists had specific guidelines they had to follow whenever they specifically wrote the name of God. They had to perform a ceremony each time they came across the name.

Furthermore, they could not use a pen newly dipped in ink to write the name. Finally, if the scribe is in the process of writing the name of God and a king speaks to him, the scribe must ignore the king.

I will admit that as extreme as Whitley's article seems, these guidelines seem equally extreme in the opposite direction. Still, using these two examples as a measuring rod, which way do you tend to lean? Do you consider yourself more like a Talmudist, who treats the name of God with extreme reverence? Or are you more like a Tigerist, who recklessly invokes the name of God?

Unfortunately, I believe most people, including Christians, tend to speak the name of God, or refer to the things of God, with a casualness that is akin to speaking of the weather. What a difference a couple thousand years make.

Terrence Koch is the Webmaster for T's Christian Reviews. Bet you haven't read all THESE books!

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