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Spiritual Hunger (I).

By Valerie Gartner.

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The definition of this common word, (Hunger) The state of discomfort or weakness caused by lack of food, a desire or need for food, ANY strong desire or craving.

The parellel between the nautral and the spiritual, truly is at times uncanny to say the least. We all know what natural hunger feels like. What about spiritual hunger?

It can feel different to different people but common feelings are: a deep sense of emptiness; feeling like there's no meaning or significance to life; feeling lost; feeling like something is missing but not being able to identify even what is missing; it can be an edgy, gnawing feeling of unknown origin; it can feel like deep sobbing from the very center of our soul.

These are only a few examples of what spiritual hunger can feel like. Many, if not most times, when we feel this spiritual hunger we are unaware of what it really is. It does bring discomfort and pain, so we look to soothe that pain.

We may fill that with anything...drugs, alcohol, any form of destructive habits, obsessive compulsions, eating disorders, sex, pornography, TV watching, the list is extensive.

Many times we can also fill that same spiritual hunger with things that look more positive; like filling every second of our lives with busyness, people, family, kids, spouse, sports, entertainment of any kind, shopping, reading, work, the list is endless.

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