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Spiritual Hunger (II).

By Valerie Gartner.

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Not that these things are bad, in and of themselves, but could we be using these things to fill spiritual hunger? I'd encourage you to think about what you tend to turn to when you sense those feelings of spiritual hunger.

What are those areas of escape in our lives? There are also some who have been so wounded beyond belief that they simply have lost the ability to feel at all, thus masking spiritual hunger with numbness and denial.

We often view that discomfort or pain as an enemy to be quelled, after all, nobody in their right mind likes to hurt. Let's explore that a little further. Look back again at natural hunger (food).

If we go too long without food, our tummies hurt, we start getting weak, maybe get a headache and if we go too long we can even start to lose our desire for food.

If we keep going like this we will eventually die. Some can go longer than others without food, but the end result will always be death. Thus, hunger is actually a very good thing, it signals that we have a very real need for nourishment.

This is EXACTLY the same thing spiritually. The bible says in Luke 6:21 Blessed are you that hunger now, for you shall be filled.

Hunger a blessing? YES! For the hunger will cause us to turn to nourishment that is needed, in order to bring life. God our Creator, made every person with a need within our souls that ONLY HE can fill.

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