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Peace of God (III).

By Valerie Gartner.

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I didn't know if I could make it. If any of you have experienced this, you will relate to the devastation that comes.

The night he packed his bags to move out, as soon as he shut the door behind him, I felt my very soul begin to shatter. There are simply no words for the devastation I was experiencing.

I ran to the phone (before I collasped), and called my best friend and asked her to come and be with me for a little while. It would take her 20 minutes at least. I sat down and greatly feared this moment that was upon me. To my great surprise, I literally felt the peace of God (and His love) fall upon me, there are no words to describe what this feels like, except it's the most wonderful feeling you will ever experience.

By the time my friend arrived, I was truly at perfect peace. It was so strong, she even felt and sensed it, it was that tangible. We actually (and this is a miracle) had some tea, and had some laughs.

I had times that I slipped from His peace, but when I turned again to Him for help, it was there for me. I found for the most part God carried me through that very difficult time, and guided my life's choices by His peace.

Ultimately, we did reconcile. This type of peace is not based on circumstances. I had some of the most precious times in my life from this place of peace. I really desire to live my whole life, from this place of His peace.

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