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Nobody makes you angry but yourself! (I).

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'Managers help people to see themselves as they are. Leaders help people to see themselves better than they are.'

- Jim Rohn.

'The thing is that you are making me angry.' That is what a feminist acquaintance told me once during one of my visits to Norway, and as it might have happen to you at some time or another, the thought of that phrase just keep popping up in my mind, for years.

I don't remember anymore the infamous tug-of-war that made this young lady angry in the first place. Perhaps was the fact that I don't like popcorn, or perhaps it was that I said that whales are not a plague after all, like some suggested.

It is not that I have kept a grudge about it; not at all, but nevertheless, the thing just persisted suggesting me its idiotic nature but without words. You know, like one of those things that you know it is terribly wrong, but you don't know how.

So, now it is 5:00 AM here in Buenos Aires while I begin my daily work as commander in chief of my company, and I finally wondered How is that? It is when I a talk or when I don't talk? Is it when I say something, or just when I cough? Are the whales really behind the matter?

How can someone turn us angry? Do we have dial, like a microwave oven, or can our anger be controlled by infrarred devices, like your TV control? Isn't it demeaning to ourselves to suggest that someone else is 'making' us angry, happy, sad, etc.?

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