P. Edronkin

Nobody makes you angry but yourself! (II).

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Bluntly said, it means that someone is controlling our minds. Just the thought, the expression, the notion that someone is able to manipulate us in such a way is to admit that we are not free after all.


Indeed, we are free but from ourselves. For all that matters, it is just to fool ourselves to pretend that our emotions, whether good or bad, justified or not, are controlled 100% by outside forces.

If someone 'makes us angry', then we are admitting to ourselves and to the world that we have no control over our emotions, that we have no sophistication because our minds cannot detect what comes from inside them, and what comes from the outside, treating exterior ideas as our own, thus letting others 'make us', or generating its own and pretending that they are not, thus pretending that others are 'making us.'

If we go on thorough our lives with such a posture; if we always act in such a way in front of our troubles. If we let ourselves be easily angered, offended or outraged, and instead of admitting that it is us who becomes so instead of being manipulated into such a state, then we are transforming ourselves into slaves of a self that we pretend that it is not in our minds but elsewhere.

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