P. Edronkin

Nobody makes you angry but yourself! (III).

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If that self acts, for all matters, like another being that controls us and we do not recognise as our own concoction but pretend to be from someone else's then what happens is that we relinquish control over that piece of brainy real-estate by assuming that it is our neighbour's.

However, since nobody else is able to read our minds, nobody could care less about our little conspiracy and so, this 'alien self' becomes orphaned.

Therefore, by 'letting others' control our minds instead of admitting our own emotions, mistakes and ideas, we are starting our way to truly become slaves of and orphan master who has no tangible existence.

Quite a stupid way to become a slave, isn't it? And what's more: ideologies such as feminism were born to free a significant part of our world from injustices and ignorance, and these are being embraced every day by lots of people seeking to be freed from others who 'make them' poor, sad or angry.

Most do that just to feel gratified. A few might generate some new ideas about the fact, but for all accounts, those are exceptional individuals.

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