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Nobody makes you angry but yourself! (IV).

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We are pretending to save ourselves by assuming that we are brutes with no control over our fate. Quite an escapism, don't you think?

Life is about choices. Feminism, like many other political ideologies and philosophies, was born to bring equality to nothing more and less that 50% of the world's population.

However, like many ideologies, it represents two kinds of people: those who think, and those who don't, because every new idea is always take and juggled with by people who seek to improve them, and by people who just want to feel better by letting others explain their world.

The problem with ideas is not who has them, or even what those ideas really are; after all, we have democracy for all the related house chores. The problem in this world, and what transforms ideologies in fanaticism is who do not have ideas, and just import them from their outside.

So, next time someone else is 'making you', if you truly want to feel alive, feel proud of your own concoction, and don't look for aliens in your soup.

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