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A Heavenly Vision (II).

By Valerie Garner -

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I saw some people dressed in white robes, but were rather plain, I then saw others also in white robes, but they were magnificent, obviously held in high regard and honor.

I questioned the Lord about the differences between the two groups of people. He then showed me the plain, first group and what their lives on earth were like, they had sorrow, pain and hardship, and they worked VERY hard at fixing their lives. The Lord asked me what I saw. I see people in pain working so desperately to fix their lives. Exactly He said.

Then He showed me the second group of people, the dazzling group, and their lives on Earth also, and I saw the same circumstances in their lives (some wors in fact), pain, suffering and hardship, but I saw them down on their knees crying out to God for help.

They gave their lives over to Him, placing their circumstances in His hands and trusting Him to move for them.

He then showed me their after appearance and then asked me what I saw. Wow, I see God in their lives. Exactly He said. He showed me both groups were equally loved, both groups were equally in hardship, but the difference it made in eternity was HOW we responded here on earth to those hardships.

He then told me, I'm going to introduce you to My Father, you need Him now. At that moment I tried to tell Him no, because all of the sudden I felt great fear.

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