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A Heavenly Vision (III).

By Valerie Garner -

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I had NO idea I had a fear of facing The Heavenly Father, until it was presented to me. But it all unveiled so quickly, I really didn't have much time to protest. Jesus sat down at the Father's side, and it was like a veil or curtain was pulled aside, and there I was, face to face with The Father!

You know how when you are shocked, sometimes the oddest things fly out of your mouth? Your brain is totally by- passed? That's what happened, the first words out of my mouth were Oh, You're kind! I was afraid of You. He chuckled and told me that most people are too. I knew that if ANYONE got even one, fast glimpse of His face, they would fall instantly in love! It would be impossible not to, He was so incredible.

I was aware that my heart was exploding with love for Him, and I had a strong desire to give Him something special. I started looking around to see what was around me that I could give Him. I realized that not only was there nothing good I could present to Him, but to my horror the only thing I possessed was a sack of garbage in my hand. I felt bitterness and sadness wash over me, that was all I had. I had no gift to bring.

He immediately knew I was feeling this and told me, Valerie, I LOVE garbage. I was again stunned! How could this be Lord? He told me to remember the previous groups of 2 people I had met earlier, and said that He can take the garbage in our lives, and change it into something beautiful. That each component made a unique masterpiece, each life totally different, but all to His glory.

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