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A Heavenly Vision (IV).

By Valerie Garner -

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He then giggled, and His eyes lit up (yes, really) and acted almost like a child about ready to open a birthday present, and invited me to bring Him my sack of garbage, that we could go through each piece together, one by one, and I could tell Him the story of my garbage. I felt we had all the time in the world, there was no hurry, or people banging on the door wanting their turn with Him. It wasn't like a Santa Claus line like I always had imagined, having to wait and wait to get a chance to be alone with God.

I then approached Him and together we looked into my garbage sack. The first item I pulled out was a rotten sock, it was dirty and had so many holes in it, it was barely recognizable as even being a sock. I told Him this one was my favorite. It represented my husband. He stretched out His hand, and I placed the sock in His hand and He said it was His favorite too.

The next in the bag was my wedding ring, it was broken and smashed. I told Him it was my marriage. I put the broken pieces of the ring in His hand.

The 3rd item I pulled out a heart (mine), it was bloody, mangled, bruised and broken. He knew it was my heart too, and he carefully took my heart into His hands and told me, I'm really good at fixing those.

The fourth item was a bitter root. I told Him that was my sin and I was sorry for my bitterness and that it was ugly. I placed that into His hand too, He thanked me for giving that to Him and smiled.

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