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A Heavenly Vision (V).

By Valerie Garner -

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I thought at this point my bag was empty, when all of the sudden a horrific smell came out from the bag. I looked around inside, and found in a hidden corner at the bottom a dead, rotting and decaying mouse. I grabbed it by its tail and pulled it out and was looking for a garbage can because I didn't want to put this foul thing in His hand.

He didn't give me a choice here and wisked it out of my hand and said, I'll take care of that one. It represented satan's evil plans and schemes that had caused great damage in my life.

NOW, my sack was empty, but I didn't know quite what to do with it. I knew if I carried around an empty sack, I would probably want to put those things back in there. He sensed my thoughts and suggested giving Him even the sack so I wouldn't be tempted to take those things back. I told Him yes please, and if I asked for my garbage back, to please tell me no.

I felt loved and free, He even LIKED me! He then told me it was time to go back and to watch Him make a masterpiece out of this. He did warn me that masterpieces take time to build.

Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal if you have garbage in your life. Ask Him what is in your garbage sack and what it represents. I would encourage you to place those things in His mighty hand, and watch Him make a masterpiece in YOUR life.

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