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Syndrome X (I).

By Dr. John Maher.

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Diabetes, also known as hyperglycemia, a fancy term for high blood sugar, is the third leading cause of death in America. Hyperglycemia, and its cousin hyper-insulinemia, are often a major factor in heart disease, the number one killer. Indeed, the relationship of high blood sugar and high insulin to heart disease is so strong there is a frightening name for it: Syndrome X.

The oxidation of cholesterol causes hardening of the arteries. Insulin effects an enzyme in your liver to increase cholesterol. Adult onset diabetes is the end result of insulin resistance. This means that your blood sugar 'resists' the normal response to insulin, which is to move sugar from your blood to your cells. In response, the body produces more insulin resulting in high blood insulin levels or hyper-insulinemia. Eventually you become so insensitive to insulin that your blood sugar stays elevated, i.e., diabetes.

Why does this happen? The fact is diabetes is largely a first world disease. It appears to be related to over consumption of simple sugars, sweets, refined flours, and calories that are low in fiber and minerals, coupled with lack of exercise.

Strangely enough, these 'dysglycemias' often start as a problem with LOW blood sugar. As the brain is the major consumer of sugar, when blood sugar gets low we get tired, cranky, and can't focus well. Low blood sugar is caused by consuming too many calories at once, especially the sweets and refined grain products, or even dried fruits and fruit juices.

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