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Syndrome X (II).

By Dr. John Maher.

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Your body 'over-reacts' by pouring large amounts of insulin from your pancreas into your blood stream. The insulin drives all that sugar in your blood into the cells so well, you actually wind up with LOW blood sugar. Your brain then gets hungry for the sugar it needs and tells you to EAT MORE!

Years of this kind of abuse leads to insulin resistance, where you no longer respond to insulin effectively. The result is 'hyperinsulinemia ' as your body produces more and more insulin which grows less and less effective. All the insulin in your blood causes the liver to make cholesterol leading to heart disease. This scenario is known as Syndrome X.

The risk factors for Syndrome X include hyperglycemia (fasting glucose greater than 110mg/dl), high fasting triglycerides (> 100 mg/dl), high blood pressure ( > 125 over> 85) along with central adiposity ( fat mostly around the belly), inactivity (< 30 min, 3x/week), low birth weight (less than 5.5 lbs.), weight gain of 10 or more lbs. after 18 in women and after 21 in men, a waist size > 30 ' in women and 36' in men, and first degree relatives with diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease or high tryglcerides in middle age.

Black women, Japanese Americans, Latinos, South East Pacific Islanders and East and American Indians are higher racial risk groups in ascending order, once they adopt the SAD, the Standard American Diet.

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