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To Silence And Back (I).

By Lynee Schlumpf.
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If you ever meet a deaf person, you'll not soon forget them...This story is dedicated to all my courageous friends out there who are hearing impaired, as I have been for the past 10 years...and to the doctor (and to God) who gave me one of the greatest gifts anyone could.

This article is not intended to give anyone false hopes of ever hearing again, but its purpose is to educate those people around you who may not understand and to explain to them what you may be feeling.

Whether you are hearing impaired yourself, or you love someone who is, this story is dedicated to you. It is a courageous thing to live in this world if you are missing the gift of hearing, but it is an even more courageous thing to love someone who is. If you can give a hearing impaired person hope and consideration, as you will see by my story, it is rare indeed. If you are close to or work with someone who is hearing disabled and you don't quite understand what they are going through, this story may help you to a higher level of acceptance and understanding.

In 1982, I had my last really good hearing test. My hearing was good enough to hear a pin drop. I was typically known for not being able to be around loud noises like chain saws (very few people can stand them anyway) or anything that was extremely loud because my hearing was very sensitive. I was in the Air Force at the time, and my job was repairing electronic equipment on some really loud aircraft.

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