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To Silence And Back (VI).

By Lynee Schlumpf.
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It was an outpatient procedure, but I was to be very careful to keep infection from getting inside the ear canal. He had stuffed this gelatin-like substance inside my ear. After a couple of days, that substance started moving around, making me feel a little nauseous.

I'll never forget the day I heard my own feet on the tile of my kitchen floor. It is a day that will be permanently implanted in my list of great days in my life! I also started hearing the air conditioning rushing through the intakes in my house. It was scary and exciting at the same time. I kept asking my husband: "What was that!" because the gelatin pack in my ear made me feel a little disoriented.

A week later, he removed the gelpack from my ear, and gave me a hearing test. My hearing had improved a lot. I started hearing people I could not hear before. Soft voices were no longer a problem. I could talk on the phone without straining to hear. One late night while I was recovering, I sat down on my front porch and heard an owl. I was amazed! I had not heard that sound since I was about 10 years old! Dr. White explained to me that people with otosclerosis often get it gradually without knowing they have it.

The rushing sounds and ringing in my ear are gone, now. In another 4 or 5 months, I will have Dr. White operate on the other ear.

God and Dr. White gave me a gift I will never be able to repay. And those people who treated me badly when I could not hear them - I told them why I was leaving my job, and I made it clear to their supervisor. They will never be the same again.

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