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To Silence And Back (VII).

By Lynee Schlumpf.
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I work closely with a woman now who is hearing impaired, and I am one of the few who show her any compassion. I make sure I am looking at her when I speak, and that I speak loudly enough without making her feel as if my voice is irritated or angry. I was in her silent world once. If you're close to someone who cannot hear well, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE speak up and face them when you talk. Get in the habit of this, and they will be so grateful for your kindness. If they are completely deaf, learn their language, and take pains to make sure your lips move right or that you have mastered their language - sign language. The less frustrated you make them feel, the better.

Helen Keller, when asked if she would have preferred sight to hearing, once said that by being blind she was cut off from things, but by being deaf, she was cut off from people. She would've preferred to hear.

Please be kind to your hearing impaired coworkers, loved ones, friends. Don't treat them as if their deafness makes them "dumb". They want so much to communicate with you. Find a way that makes them feel at ease. They'll be forever grateful to you. There's almost nothing worse than being shut off from a world that does not understand you.

Thanks for letting me share my story.

Share yours with me. I would like to publish it here or in a book, if you'd let me. God bless you. You're special.

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