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To Silence And Back (VIII).

By Lynee Schlumpf.
Copyright 2000 - 2003, Route 66 Cyber Cafe, Inc.

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Lynne Schlumpf is a recently rehabilitated hearing-impaired person and the author of the new book "The Little Website That Could". A FREE chapter can be requested by sending a blank email to: The book's website is located at

Recent update to this story:

In September 2000, I visited Dr. White once again so he could assess my newfound hearing in the left ear. The results were a pleasant surprise not only for me, but also for him! I could hear almost perfectly in my left ear!

At that time, I discussed when he might be able to operate on my right ear. It seemed to be getting worse (his audiogram confirmed this), and I was anxious to complete my hearing improvement.

Last week, on October 27, 2000, Dr. White operated on my right ear. The surgery went very well, and I'll be updating this article as to the progress of my hearing improvement in that ear.

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