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Observations on New Zealand (VI).

By Douglas Sassman.

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I love every lump and bump in the landscape. I like when the weatherman describes a nice day as 'fine'. I admit, I may never understand cricket, but I have grown fond of Rugby. I love that you can’t drive thirty minutes without hitting a golf course. I love how Kiwis we only just met invite us to stay at their homes. I love the green, and of course it goes without saying, I love the sheep. I love this place, this New Zealand, truly I do, and if this were America... then we probably wouldn’t be able to afford it.

Copyright 2000 Douglas S. Sassaman

Douglas Sassaman is a freelance writer, aspiring novelist, and self-described humorist (who some think should be self-committed). He writes an online column called, 'Life in the Cosmic-Burp' at Join the FREE direct to e-mail column and add zip your water-cooler conversations every other Friday by sending a blank e-mail to: You can e-mail Doug at

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