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The Lies That Saved A Judge (IV).

By Azriel Winnet.

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'Nothing to worry about at all' answered the doctor. 'You are just overworked. You have to rest up.'

At the end of the somewhat protracted examination, the staff brought in a stretcher along with some very ominous looking medical apparatus. The judge was hooked up to equipment to which all sorts of tubes were attached. The attendants pushed him briskly down a long corridor and straight through a doorway above which hung a bold sign: 'Strictly No Entry - Intensive Care Ward.'

This rabbinical judge, of course, was nobody's fool. His vocation involved critically analyzing situations every day and ferreting out the truth. When the doctor came over to him again, his learned patient asked him pointblank: 'Why did you deceive me?'

'You really aren't very sick,' answered the doctor, surprisingly. 'But I am confronted with hundreds of ethical questions every day, and I have no one to ask. I thought it would be nice to have you near me for a while, so you can answer my questions!

'And why are all these fancy machines attached to me?' asked the rabbi very skeptically.

'Do you need to have a nurse run over to you every minute? This way, she can see everything from her desk. And anyway, what difference does it make to you?'

The judge was in hospital for three weeks, but he responded well to treatment. After his discharge, he recounted his experiences to his friends and colleagues:

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