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Travelers Rediscover The Joys Of Oral Storytelling Through Audiobooks (I).


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Travelers Rediscover the Joys of Oral Storytelling Through Audiobooks

(ARA) - It is an image as old as the collective memory of humanity: a family or an entire village sitting quietly, listening with rapt attention as the voice of a storyteller enthralls through the sheer power of the spoken word.

It's also an image that seems completely incompatible with the hectic, on-the-go lifestyle of contemporary business or vacation travelers.

Yet as more and more cars and minivans are sold and rented with cassette and CD players, parents, children, and all types of business professionals are increasingly turning to a very old antidote to the stresses of travel: the spoken word. In particular, travellers are rediscovering the joys of the spoken word as it is recorded on audiobooks. As long-time audiobook listener Phil Landes of Baltimore says, 'A Tale of Two Cities can make a 16-hour car trip pass very quickly.'

Audiobooks have become increasingly popular in the past two decades, with companies like Maryland's Recorded Books, LLC -- one of the largest publishers of audiobooks in the world -- helping to change public perception and acceptance of the format through sales to libraries, schools and direct consumer markets. The Audio Publishers Association (APA), a non-profit industry group, estimates that annual audiobook sales now exceed $2.5 billion. In the past decade, audiobook sales have grown five times faster than print book sales.

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