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Travelers Rediscover The Joys Of Oral Storytelling Through Audiobooks (II).


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According to studies by the APA, about half of all audiobook listening is done in cars or on airplanes, buses and trains. Increasingly, this listening is done as a family activity on vacations. Dominique Diambois of Miami, Fla. pops in audiobooks on trips with her children. '<>iI have complete silence in the car because everyone is busy listening to the stories.' The most important consideration for families is choosing something both parents and children can enjoy, according to spokesperson Sharon Conway of Recorded Books. 'Classics like The Wizard of Oz and series titles like The Lord of the Rings and Walter R. Brooks' Freddy the Pig books are popular because kids are hearing them for the first time and parents remember when they first read the books as children,' says Conway.

Other considerations come into play when people choose recordings they want to travel with. 'I like to read a novel, travel book, history or mystery set in my destination,' says F.V. Proscia, a frequent business traveller from New Jersey. In fact, requests for books about specific travel locations have become so common that Recorded Books now maintains lists of books set in popular destinations like the Northeast, the West and the South to suggest for customers.

While most listeners enthusiastically recommend audiobooks to friends and family members preparing for trips, some travellers have pointed to a potential hazard: a good recording can overshadow the trip itself. Keasha Palmer from Rockford, Mich., found her entire vacation to Nova Scotia revolving around the audiobook she took along: 'I raved so much about the whole experience when I returned home that my cousin said to me, 'Why didn't you just sit in your driveway and listen to Angela's Ashes-it would have been cheaper!''

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