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Prepare Your RV For Spring And Summer Travel With Window Film (III).


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Privacy films can increase your sense of safety and security without darkening your windows in places where you do not want someone to look into your vehicle. These films look like frosted glass and are also excellent for use on shower doors.

Can I Do This Myself?

Absolutely. Window film technology has improved greatly over the past several years, bringing with it more user-friendly products. In addition, RV windows ard flat glass, which makes applying film much easier. Complete instructions are available inside each roll of film, and the basic tools needed are a spray bottle, firm squeegee and utility knife.

Windows must be completely clean and free of contaminants before applying film. With patience and the proper tools and time, anyone can get a professional-looking tint job in just a few hours. Each manufacturer's application instructions may vary somewhat, so it is important to read them carefully to achieve the best-looking tint job.

Window film is easy to clean and maintain, too. Using a clean, soft cloth and a non-abrasive window cleaner ensures that the film will look good for a long time. Most films are available with a scratch resistant coating so they can take the day-to-day wear of RV living.

Is there a Cost Benefit?

Of course, for you and the environment. The average cost for tinting your own vehícle is around $30 to $100 - depending on the amount of film needed - compared to as much as $500 for professional installation. In addition, the benefits received for such a small investment make window film an excellent afternoon project, resulting in a safer, more comfortable and attractive vehicle.

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