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As a result, these tempered windows can sometimes shatter from impact during an accident, exploding tiny glass shards around the passenger compartment. Window film can provide some anti-lacerative protection by helping to hold shattered glass together." The result, she concludes, is greater safety.

Seat belts, warn the National Highway Safety and Traffic Administration, can deteriorate due to sun exposure.

How Do I Choose the Right Film?

Many people associate window film with dark or faded purple tints that can be seen on some older vehícles. Actually, it's the lighter, higher performing films that provide the most protection and look the best on a car. Darker films can give needed privacy, but many people do not want their vehicles looking like limousines -- and they don't have to.

The first decision a consumer should make before purchasing a do-it-yourself film is what light transmission to use. Light transmission measures how much light passes through the film; the higher the percentage, the better the visibility inside and out. The lower the percentage, the darker the film and the more privacy it offers.

Each state (and Canadian province) regulates the darkness of film allowed on vehicle windows.

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