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Can I Do This Myself?

Absolutely. Window film technology has improved greatly over the past several years, bringing with it more user-friendly products. Complete instructions are available inside each carton of film, and the basic tools needed are a spray bottle, firm squeegee and utility knife.

Windows must be completely clean and free of contaminants before applying film. With patience and the proper tools and time, anyone can get a professional-looking tint job in just a couple of hours at home. Each manufacturer's application instructions may vary somewhat, so it is important to read them carefully to achieve the best-looking tint job.

Is there a Cost Benefit?

Of course, for you and the environment. The average cost for tinting your own vehicle is around $20 to $40 -- depending on the type of film used -- compared to $150 to $350 for professional installation. In addition, the benefits received for such a small investment make window film an excellent afternoon project, resulting in a safer, more comfortable and attractive vehicle.

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