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Betcha Didn't Know: Fast Facts About Lead-Acid Batteries (II).


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2. When is a dead car battery not dead?

When it's merely drained. The battery usually can be recharged when you leave your headlights on, or when your alternator isn't working. The battery is dead when it reaches the end of its service life. But its lead, plastic and acid are recycled and used in new batteries. In a continuous cycle, a dead battery contributes the materials that become a new battery.

3. What do telephones, computers and batteries have in common?

Lead industrial batteries back up wired and wireless telephones and computer systems during power outages. Batteries are the reason why the phones stay on when the power is out. And in the UPS system backing up your computer, they keep you from losing data during a brownout or blackout.

4. Who invented the lead-acid battery?

The French scientist, Gaston Plante, invented the battery in 1859. The first battery was used to keep the lights on in railroad cars stopped at train stations.

5. What do you learn by looking at a black battery?

That it is made with recycled plastic - which includes most lead batteries. During recycling, battery cases are broken into small pieces. When multi-colored pieces are melted together, the resulting plastic is black.

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