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Journal Your Way To Weight Loss (I).

By Wendy Hearn.

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I believe that deep inside you, in your heart of hearts, you are the only one who instinctively knows the best way for you to lose weight. What I want is for you to get in touch with this. I don ’t believe that in the long term it works if I or anyone else tells you what you need to do to lose weight. It's a process you need to discover for yourself. You're a unique person and you will have a way of losing weight that is uniquely yours. You may know someone who has lost weight by taking up running and that has helped them to lose weight. However, for you even the mere thought of taking up running may be unpalatable and so this may not be a method that works for you.

When you want to lose weight, one of the first things you need to do is to really get in touch with yourself. Identify what leaves you feeling happy, sad, frustrated, angry. Think about your needs, your wants, your goals and the changes you want to make for yourself. Most weight loss programmes, and particularly diets, pull you away from yourself and your body. My intention is to make you really connect with your body, understand what it wants and then move forward. Only then will real weight loss will occur.

A great way to understand yourself is to start writing a journal. I would advise against writing down a list of the food you’re eating, although I'm well aware that for many people seeing what they eat set down in black and white usually makes them think twice and reconsider. What I would be looking for first is for you to start uncovering exactly where you are now. What is going on in your life?

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