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Journal Your Way To Weight Loss (II).

By Wendy Hearn.

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What problems are you facing? How are you feeling? Please don’t dwell on this in your mind too much. Just put pen to paper and start writing. Write about whatever is going through your mind at the moment. I would suggest that one of the most important elements is to write freely and make a note of whatever comes into your head. It may not appear to have anything to do with your eating habits but you will often find that there is a connection, even if it isn't apparent until much later.

You may want to choose a particular time each day to write this journal or carry it around with you and write when you can. It's a very liberating experience to be able to get it all out of your system and down on paper. I know the majority of my clients have resisted this at first and yet later they've said that it really helped them immensely. As time goes by, I’m sure you'll be amazed at what you start to uncover by making entries in your journal and from then on you can start to work at making the changes which feel right for you.

Wendy Hearn - Weight Loss Success Coach - Author of "The Top 10 Things That Stop YOU From Losing Weight"

I work with people who want to lose weight and have a great life. I offer individual and group coaching, via the telephone or email.

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