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Lyon: France's Best Kept Secret (IV).


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For savoury dishes, Lyon is famous for its rosette, salami, quenelles, andouillette sausages and Saint-Marcellin, or the celebrated pistachio flavoured pork sausage or other 'tablier de sapeur.' For sweet dishes, one can feast on 'bugnes' fritters, 'coussins' and other 'cocons,' without forgetting the marvels produced by the chocolate makers, famous worldwide. Since eating is taken very seriously here, whatever it is you eat in Lyon is sure to be a pleasurable experience.

Cultural Lyon

Lyon was the center of the silk industry in the Middle Ages. Created under the influence of François I in 1536, the 'Fabrique' was, until the start of this century, the title given to the thousands of looms installed in the city and its environs. With the establishment of the Renaissance Fairs, the silk trade paved the way for the rapid and extensive industrial development of the city, giving rise to major artistic vocations and a culture which is still vibrant today.

The historic cloth museum houses the Centre International d'Etudes et de Conservation des Textiles Anciens (International Centre for the Study and Conservation of Ancient Textiles). Twenty-two museums, 20 theatres and entertainment halls manifest the riches of Lyon's cultural heritage.

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