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Lyon: France's Best Kept Secret (VII).


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* Les Halles, the renowned market where celebrated chefs and locals alike shop, featuring the local pork and other meats, cheese, fish and vegetables typical of the region.

* The bookstalls along the quays of the Saône.

* The market of the Création, which features works from local artists every Sunday morning.

* The craft market, every Sunday morning at quay Fulchiron.

* The Rue Auguste Comte, an antiques market with 80 shops.

Urban lighting:

Since 1989, Lyon has been implementing a unique urban policy for street lighting. As a World Heritage Site, with an exceptionally rich architectural heritage built up over 2,000 years of history, it has implemented a concept that highlights the monuments that earned this honor. Lyon's model of urban lighting features more than 200 buildings which are floodlit each evening in harmony with a specific scenography design, filling its inhabitants with pride and enchanting visiting tourists. This brand of urban lighting has been replicated in places such as Cuba and Asia.

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