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Lyon: France's Best Kept Secret (VIII).


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Regional hub:

To visit Lyon also enables one to discover an amazing travel and tourism hub radiating out towards the surrounding region -- the Pays du Beaujolais, the Dombes, the valley of the Rhône -- to the Alps and the Mediterranean. Lyon and the surrounding region is a gateway to many other destinations.

It is only half an hour by car to the Beaujolais and the typical Chateaux and villages dotted around the Rhône region. In less than two hours you can reach the most attractive Alpine resorts, the Mont-Blanc, the Auvergne volcanoes or the lavender fields of Provence … and the Mediterranean is less than three hours away. In next june, with the new TGV Mediterrannee, it will be possible to reach Marseille in 1h30.

At the centre of an extensive road network, Lyon is within one hour of the major towns in the Rhône-Alpes region, and there are direct roads to Geneva -1 ½ hours, to Turin - 3 hours, Paris - 4 hours or Barcelona - 6 hours.

With two stations in the city center and one at the airport, The TGV (high speed train) now puts Lyon at the heart of Europe. Two hours from Paris, 3 hours from Lille, 5 hours from London by Eurostar, the TGV also links Lyon to Chambéry, Annecy, Marseille or Brussels.

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