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Traveling Abroad: Can You Protect Your Health When Far From Home? (III).


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- Don't drink beverages with ice.

- Don't eat food purchased from street vendors.

- Don't eat unpasteurized dairy products.

- Boil, peel and cook all raw food, including vegetables.

If you're going to be in an area where you won't be able to boil your water, you can purchase disinfecting iodine tablets from your local sporting goods/camping store or pharmacy.

Insure Your Health

If you break your leg while hiking through the jungles of Thailand, you're going to need more than a suitcase full of antacids and aspirin. However, a trip to a foreign hospital usually requires payment up front in advance of treatment. A short-term health insurance policy for travelers may help protect you from these large out-of-pocket expenses. A travel policy may also be invaluable if you need to be transferred to another city or country for a medical emergency. If your health insurance company won't cover you outside of the U.S, there are companies that specialize in travel health insurance.

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