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Take Your Mom Fishing This Summer (II).

By Ken Schultz.

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It's boring.

The traditional view of fishing is that of someone sitting on the bank, dunking a worm, waiting for a fish to bite. Most modern fishing activities are much more pro-active than this.

The most popular species of freshwater fish in the United States is the largemouth bass, and very few people pursue it by dunking some form of bait and waiting for a bass to strike. They move around while casting various lures; the game being one of picking the right lure, fishing it properly, casting accurately, and so forth. Similarly, fly fishing, which is the use of lightweight objects that imitate flies as well as other food, is all about finding fish, casting well, and making the right presentation. None of its practitioners find it boring, even when they don't have much success.

It's messy.

If you fish with some form of bait, handling it can be messy. A wash cloth takes care of that. And handling a fish, which you may have to do to unhook, release, or clean it, may sometimes involve getting some slime (it's actually protective mucous) on your hands. Surely, you don't think that only men can do this? It's mind over matter; if you don't mind, it doesn't matter.

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