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Survey Says Vacationing Americans Take Advantage Of Portable Technology (I).


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(ARA) - As portable technology has become more compact, advanced, affordable and less complicated, it's easier than ever for people to take technology anywhere they go. Spring is here and people are eager to get outside and get moving, and technology will keep them connected while they're out and about. A recent survey shows that Americans will bring a variety of tech toys and tools with them virtually everywhere this spring and summer -- whether they're relaxing on the beach, hiking in the woods, shopping, driving or even visiting public restrooms.

'With people constantly on the go, portable technology is a necessity,' said Laurie Bauer, spokesperson for Best Buy, the nation's largest retailer of consumer electronics, personal computers, entertainment software and appliances. 'No matter where you're headed this spring and summer, portable and compact technologies such as personal digital assistants (PDAs), MP3 players, DVD players and wireless phones can make any time more fun and productive.'

Memorial Day weekend kicks off the travel and vacation season, and according to the xsurvey, 62 percent of Americans will leave home for their spring and summer vacations. The beach takes top honors as the most-favored destination (26 percent), with the great outdoors coming in a close second (21 percent). While rest and relaxation are a high priority for many vacationers, so is staying connected. Sixty percent plan to take their technology toys and tools with them on vacation.

While people use technology the most during vacation, they also use tech products in many other places -- in the car (57 percent); in the outdoors at the park, beach and woods (42 percent); at the mall (30 percent); and at the gym (20 percent). One out of ten (10 percent) survey respondents even uses technology in public restrooms.

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