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Make Family Vacations A Fun Tradition For Generation Upon Generation (II).


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Julie and Kristy now both return every summer with their husbands, Patrick and Rick, and the rest of the Green family. Kristy and Rick's 2-year-old son, Deirek, and soon to be born baby are fourth generation at Campbell's Resort.

"We thank our grandparents, Myrtle and Sherman Green, for starting the Campbell's vacation tradition. We love being together as a family and reflecting on the past year while we are at Campbell's. We enjoy seeing a lot of the families from year to year and the changes to the lake. We have so many happy memories of Campbell's Resort," said Kristy and Julie.

The Kashino, the Lentz and Abraham families, from grandparents on down to third and fourth generation babies, have also created long-standing family vacation traditions at Campbell's. Phil and Irma Lentz have been bringing their family to the resort every year since 1950. "We've not only watched our kids grow up at Campbell's, but also the Campbell boys, Art and Clint, who are now running the place. That's pretty special!" said Phil.

This year will also mark the 44th consecutive vacation year at Campbell's for the Kashino family. "Once we park the car, aside from going golfing, we hardly use it at all, as Campbell's has everything we come for: good food and accommodations, beautiful lake and beach, and best of all, the good friends we have made throughout the years," said Louise Kashino, the matriarch of the family.

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