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Make Family Vacations A Fun Tradition For Generation Upon Generation (IV).


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- Guest rooms that bring families together, yet offer privacy.

- Spaces for gathering during family cookouts and parties. A barbeque with covered tables at beach side, for instance.

- Reasonable rates and amenities that make life easy. Parents are on vacation, too. Eating out three meals a day is expensive, and yet adults don't want to be kitchen slaves while on vacation! A utility kitchen with microwave and dishwasher, plus basic equipment and utensils, makes meal preparation quick, fun and affordable.

- A location near activities and services. From the golf course to the supermarket, getting pleasure and provisions should not be an all-day excursion.

- Start now! Before you know it, you will have a clan gathering that will cultivate family closeness. You'll build memories by which to day-dream until you get back to that favorite vacation stop again!

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