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Stay in touch with friends and the office while you bask in the sun with a Palm VIIx personal digital assistant (PDA). Instantly send messages or critical reports via email and check the news on the Web in between games of beach volleyball and fishing off the pier.

* Mobile Video

Watch mobile video while you're relaxing at the park or the beach, or even entertain the kids in the car with the latest take-it-anywhere systems. Equipped with both AC and DC adapters and a carry case, these units can travel anywhere.

* Digital Camera and Camcorders

Never again will you wish you had enough room to store your camera for those impromptu shots of breathtaking scenery or that one-of-a-kind moment with the kids. The latest digital cameras and camcorders are small enough to fit in your pocket so you can take them wherever you go.

* Family Radio Service (FRS)

If last year's hiking excursion turned into hours of searching for the kids, family radio service (FRS) is an ideal tool. FRS, the next generation of "walkie-talkies," works on FM radio waves and has a two-mile range, allowing the whole group to stay in touch and venture into the unknown.

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