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(ARA) - The next ring of your doorbell could allow you to open the door of opportunity for a child. For years, children have been pounding the pavement in their neighborhoods selling cookies, chocolate and magazine subscriptions to earn money toward new team uniforms or even a class trip to the nearest museum. Now, children are looking beyond their area museum and setting their sights overseas. Through an innovative new program, children today can actually earn their way to Israel by selling trees.

Jewish National Fund (JNF) is inviting kids and young adults to earn a trip to Israel with its groundbreaking program, "Plant Your Way to ." This unique opportunity was recently developed by JNF to encourage young people -- aged five to twenty-five -- to connect with their heritage by selling tree certificates friends, neighbors and relatives in order to ultimately experience the wonders of the Jewish homeland for themselves.

JNF, an international non-profit organization that will be celebrating its 100th anniversary in December, performs environmental work in Israel and has planted over 210 million trees, built over 120 dams and reservoirs, developed over 250,000 acres of land, created more than 400 parks throughout Israel, and educated students around the world about Israel and the environment.

JNF has been the vehicle for tree plantings in Israel for almost a century, and people from across the globe have long planted trees in order to honor a special occasion, memorialize a loved one, or simply as a way to form a physical connection with the homeland.

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