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Plan Your Way To Israel (II).


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Each tree planting is recognized with a special certificate. The "Plant Your Way to " program allows children to facilitate the tree planting by selling tree certificates, and in turn, develop more of an appreciation for the process that leads them to Israel.

With every $36 tree certificate that is sold, the participants earn money towards a trip to Israel. The funds from each sale are divided evenly, with half of the money going to cover the cost of the tree planting and environmental work in Israel, and the other half placed in a special account on behalf of the program participant.

By the time a participant sells ten trees, they have already earned $180 toward their trip. There is no limit to the amount of funds a participant can accrue, and the money can be used toward any accredited trip to Israel, whether the trip is through a school, camp, community center, or even an organized family trip. The dollars raised can also offset some of the costs of partially subsidized trips.

"One of the most wonderful and unique things about this program is that the participant is actually earning their trip to Israel," says program creator and JNF volunteer Sheila Wilensky of Atlanta, Ga. "Our goal is to connect young people to Israel so that they grow up feeling closer to their roots."

"The millions of trees planted in Israel by JNF throughout the years serve to benefit the land and its inhabitants for generations to come," adds Wilensky, "and it is important that the young generation feels a part of that accomplishment."

Those purchasing trees from participants will be presented with an official JNF "Plant Your Way to Israel" Tree Certificate, which is a great way to let someone know you care while simultaneously helping to subsidize a child's trip to Israel.

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