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Five Of The Top 100 Bird Watching Areas In The United States (III).


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South Dakota

Not only is South Dakota and Badlands National Park home to some of the most colorful rock formations in the United States, but the wide variety of terrain is inhabited by over 200 species of birds, making this area a bird watching haven. One of the biggest attractions for bird watchers in the park are grassland sparrows. "Where the Birds Are" describes these birds as more likely to be heard than seen, as they make their home in the tall grasslands of the prairies.


In the lower Mississippi Valley of the state that bears the same name, the St. Catherine Creek National Wildlife Refuge was established specifically to provide suitable habitat for the abundant waterfowl in the area. The refuge has also become one of the best regions to see, and equally important, to hear the over 50 species of songbirds that dwell in the area. The Smithsonian guide book highlights the Natchez Birding Festival every August, which is a one-day celebration that opens up a bird-rich portion of the park that is usually closed to the public.

North Carolina

Bird watching occurs year-round on the tiny Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge off the Atlantic coast of North Carolina. As the seasons change, so does the bird life found at the refuge. In the winter, the island sees thousands of migrant ducks and geese make their home on the refuge. These ducks and geese, as well as warblers, also use the island as a stopover on their migration routes.

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